Meet the Artists - Get Deerty

Meet the Artists

Behind every Get Deerty design, there is a rad human with a piece of paper. Our designs are created in house by the Get Deerty team as well as friends and family.

Get to know the talented artist behind each design below. 


Heather Lawson
aka Ziva on Fire

Art Style: Heather's rare attention to detail displays itself in her art. Well blended shades, smooth lines and beautiful use of color define her style. 
Loves: Fire Art, Dancing in the Rain, 
Side Kick: Froggy the Wild Tree Climbing Cat
Favorite Color: Blue & Green 






Kim Lawson

Art Style: Free flowing. 
Loves: Travel, Outdoor Adventures
Side Kick: Kona & Mowgli
Favorite Color: Tahiti Ocean Blue
Life Quote: "Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive." - Elbert Hubbard







Susan Hoag

(AKA Get Deerty Mom to Heather & Kim...)

Art Style: Susan creates life like sketches and works primarily in black and white using charcoal and graphite.   
Loves: Kayaking, diy fix it life hacks
Side Kick: Molly (The Tiny Puddle Monster)
Favorite Color: Royal... Red, Blue, Purple & Green 





Kathryn Kelly

Art Style: Kathryn's unique style often features geometric designs. Intricately placed lines create the amazing pieces that have grown incredibly popular among our Get Deerty friends. 
Loves: Art, Creating and Repurposing 






Derrick Vermin, designer for Get Deerty and fire artist.

Derrick Vermin

Art Style: Derrick delivers a unique look with his designs combining the Get Deerty mentality with a innovative street art like edginess. 
Loves: Pretending to be a dragon, Meme making, Fire Performing, Guitar Playing, Lighting things on fire... or pretty much anything to do with fire! 
Favorite Color: Red (Well.. it’s black but that’s not as interesting.)
Life Quote: "People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”


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